Banking Reform Program at the President’s Desk

Banking Reform Program at the President’s Desk

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said: “The Banking System Reform Implementation Plan was prepared and presented to the President at the end of September and the Ministry will follow up on the recommendations provided to the relevant authorities.”

In a meeting with state-owned banks’ chief executives, Farhad Dejapsand said that increasing transparency, efficiency, and proper cost management of banks depends on the establishment of digital banking as well as the full and effective implementation of corporate governance. It includes the separation of the CEO from the head of the board of directors, the formation of the board of directors and the formation of the board of directors, he added. Placement.

He added that it is necessary for banks to be more serious about this.

Desjapsand further stated in his speech the serious determination of banks to transfer surplus and subsidiary assets, as well as remuneration of bank branches to the present priorities of the banking system, and said that the transfer of non-bank subsidiaries to the private sector with Transparent evaluation, valuation and stock exchange mechanisms will be used.

“The Ministry of Economy will provide the necessary support to banks in this regard, which is emphasized by the supreme leader, president and legislator,” he said.

The Minister of Economy, pointing out that the mechanism foreseen as soon as possible to inform all applicants for bank surplus assets, will be formulated and made public by the Ministry of Economy, adding: Activate, revitalize, and increase employment in these sectors.

Desjapsand, in connection with the pledge he had previously made to prepare an executive plan for the banking system, added: “The program was presented to the president in the second half of September by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, and the ministry provided the guidelines provided in the program until the results were achieved.” Will follow up with relevant authorities.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister of Economy appreciated the assistance and assistance of the banking system in implementing the country’s economic policies and reducing the adversarial plots of the enemies, especially in the application of cruel sanctions.

He urged banks to continue to provide the necessary support from various economic sectors, especially the manufacturing sector, as before.

Abbas Memarnejad, Deputy Minister of Banking, Insurance, and State-owned Companies of the Ministry of Economy also presented a report on the challenges, the functioning of the banking system and the plans of the Ministry of Economy to address the challenges ahead, and the Managing Directors of Banks expressed their views on this issue.

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