New inflows into the stock market

New inflows into the stock market

New inflows into the stock market


Threats to potential competitors or newcomers are one of the five forces in Porter’s model that are evaluated in strategic decision-making in business competition.

The Porterback model offers a classic view of the key forces that make up a competitive environment for companies. It does not matter what your business is, it is important to know that you are always in a competitive environment.

There is competition even in ordinary areas of people’s lives, and even when taking a taxi and making various online purchases, the competition process is ongoing.

Newcomers are always considered to be one of the most important threats to competitors. There is no prior knowledge of their financial strength, experience, expertise, decision-making power and strategies.

Experience has shown that by using Porter’s model and analyzing the conditions and modeling it, even better results can be obtained when buying stocks.

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